The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is primarily a service organization; however, service for the sake of service can become burdensome and more of an obligation than a joy. That is why the Spiritual Enhancement component of the Circle of Love is so important. Through the spiritual program in each local and state court, we help our members to nourish and develop their relationships with God. Out of those developing relationships comes the realization of God’s love and everlasting mercy, and because of that realization, the desire to serve Him by serving His people grows. Our service, then, becomes the way we witness our faith and share God’s love with a hurting world. Because of His guidance and support, we can serve with joy and faithfulness.

In the Spiritual Enhancement section of the Circle of Love, you will find ways to provide opportunities for your members to spend time with God. You will find ideas for enhancing personal sanctification as well as suggestions for involving your members in the spiritual life of their parishes and communities. It is important that your court’s Spiritual Enhancement Program helps your members to understand that they are truly a sisterhood and that they need to be church to one another before they can be church to others.

  • Come join us at 6:30 p.m. before our Monthly Meeting for the Holy Rosary.
  • During Lent our daughters participate with the K of C Coucil 10940 Stations of the Cross.
  • Our daughters like to participate in ongoing Bible Studies, and a few even facilitate the studies.
  • We also participate in W.A.C.T.S Retreats (many of the daughters have been leads and team members organizing the retreat), and Women’s Faith Council Retreats and events (daughters are also members of the Women’s Faith Council).

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